Recharging NON Rechargeable Lantern Battery with the BEDINI CHARGER

Recharging NON Rechargeable Lantern Battery with the BEDINI CHARGER.
I already recharged the RayOVac NON-rechargeable lantern batteries with the Bedini Renaissance Battery charger on several occasions before so I know that battery will recharge EVEN THOUGH THE NON-Rechargeable Lantern Batteries aren't supposed to be to be recharged. Whether it's the 'right way' or the 'wrong way' I had no problem in getting the RayOVac lantern batteries back to almost new condition again. Right now I am also using the battery booster sleeves on NiCad rechargeable batteries with a simple one LED flashlight, both of which you are no supposed to do. But there are certain LED that the battery booster sleeves do work well with and it's my guess that the simple one LED RayOVac flashlight might be one of the few LED flashlights where the battery booster sleeves work well. The only way to find out is to actually test it versus 'theorizing' about something all day. The battery booster sleeves also aren't supposed to work with rechargeable batteries as the battery booster sleeves could discharge the rechargeable batteries too low. But I'm using Tenergy NiCad rechargeable batteries that handle deep discharge cycles well. Plus I have the Bedini Renaissance Battery charger that can bring deeply discharged batteries up safely to full battery power again. That part is a test, but if it works, the simple RayOVac flashlight combined with the new battery booster sleeves will make for a higher tech yet very simple reliable flashlight with an extremely long run time at about 30 lumens, which is adequate enough for most all situations you'd use a flashlight. I also placed my 4th order on the battery booster sleeves because my real world experience has shown me that the battery tech product is very useful.
Since the battery booster sleeves keep the light output at 3 volts for the two D cell batteries versus the 2.4 volt output from the rechargeable batteries alone the simple LED RayOVac flashlight provides very good light output with the battery booster sleeves.
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