Recipe For Change || Ushuaia Off Grid Earthship Build (DOCUMENTARY) Garbage Warrior Michael Reynolds


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The first feature length documentary having been conceived by the Valhalla Movement, Valhalla follows the story of Earthship Biotecture down in Ushuaia Argentina as they and a group of academy students build a two room simple survival Earthship.

Earthships are fully off the grid buildings which catch their own rainwater - create their own food and energy - are made using recycled materials and treat their own waste all the while doing such in a very stable temperature eco construction that has begun to make waves around the world.

These buildings and the ecological movement has been gaining ground online for years but there still seems to be a challenge in our everyday life in making positive sustainable change come to life.

This documentary shines light on the simple recipe for creating this change that can allow us to radically change our outlook on the problems our world faces and our ability as individuals to make it happen...


Marc Angelo Coppola from the Valhalla Movement joins Michael Reynolds and the Earthship crew down in Ushuaia for an incredible adventure that brings us to the end of the earth. Even in a place with some very unique seasons you would expect local Argentinian residents of what is a fast growing town to be more receptive to a sustainable structure of this sort but there are many surprises to be uncovered within this town.

The earthship academy is a 30 day in person school that shows people how to build off grid passive solar buildings and well we decided it was definitely time for us to look into how these buildings would perform even in the most harsh of conditions at the southern tip of the continent. Michael Reynolds the founding architect leads the charge as we uncover not just what it takes to build earthships but also the stories of those who travelled all this way to learn such as well as the local residents of this booming town.
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