Recirculating Tesla CD Turbine with Power Boost Blender

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Another adventure with Mrfixitrick and the Tesla CD Turbine. This time, a blender is shown with the CD Turbine in a powerful, self-contained recirculating system.

The Tesla CD Turbine is a home-made turbine based on the principles of the Tesla Turbine, invented by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago.

This CD Turbine is made from recycled CD's, CD cakebox, neodymium magnets and lots of glue.

In this example, both water and air pressure are used at the same time, as an extra power boost for tough blending chores!

And it's all done without power from the grid or running tap water. Solar power charges a 12-volt battery. The battery runs both a 12-volt bilge pump in a recirculating bucket, and a 12-volt air compressor for an air storage tank.

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