Renewable Energy Source: The Micro Hydro Generator

A short film about an Oregonian family living off-the-grid, and how they've managed to use various natural means of providing themselves with electricity. They currently rely on a combination of solar and hydro power to supply themselves with running water, internet, TV, and enough power for day-to-day maintenance of their sustainable organic farm and apple orchard, located outside county lines on a mountainside.

Here, we take a look at their micro hydro generator, which uses water pressure from springs on the Wemples' Cougar Moutain Farm property to create a trickle charge and generate energy, which is then stored in a battery bank. This innovative idea can generate supplemental power, especially during the winter, when solar panels don't get as much sunlight. It also helps irrigate the farmland.

Song is "Free Country Track 2" from a royalty-free music site, http://www.royalty-free-music-room.com/royalty-free-country-music.html

Many thanks to Noah Wemple, Anna Wemple and Eliman Gibba for their help.
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