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Renewable Energy Sources - Power Innovator energy Generator old invention new product

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http://tinyurl.com/PowerInnElectricity The Magnetic motor or Magnet motor as it is sometimes called is arguably not exactly a motor at all, but rather a power generator. It is called a Magnetic 'motor' because I it is a device that produces electricity from a revolving construction similar to an electrical motor.

The device works on the basis of magnets revolving around a drum-like structure to produce an electrical current, the strong polarity of these magnets drive turbines to produce the power itself.

The Magnetic motor is also claimed by some, to be the world's first 'perpetual motion' machine! This has in fact created quite an uproar amongst the electrical engineers in the community, who are in agreement with the Physicists that such a concept is against the laws of physics.

The bases of the argument seems to come from the claims that the magnetic generator takes less power to operate than it actually produces, there-fore making it a perpetual motion candidate. It seems however that this does not convince the "nay Sayers" who would counter this by saying that this does not make it perpetual motion, but makes it more an economical energy source, as the fact that it needs energy to run at all, consigns it to the "also ran's" in the hunt for perpetual motion.

However the growing 'alternative energy' population insists that the concept does indeed exist and that many people have built their own magnetic motor, effectively drastically cutting their home fuel bills. The phrase "economical energy source" is what is really important here, especially in these times of austerity measures and government cutbacks. Anything that will give the 'common man' an edge over the electrical power barons, is welcomed by the public at large with open arms.

One of the undoubted benefits of the magnetic motor is that it can be built from home, with anyone who has a modicum of DIY experience-apparently. It varies in size and efficiency according to the magnetic motor plans you are following, and also the size of the area or building that you hope to electrify.

With all the attention today focused on the condition of the planet, and how we are going to go about cleaning it up; the magnetic motor again scores points owing to the simple fact that it produces no toxic by-products. It also takes no toxic chemicals to either produce the motor or indeed to run it, as the magnetic motor itself runs on the cleanest energy we have - electricity!

Solar energy panels and huge windmills, seem to have captured all the headlines when it comes to alternative energy sources. However I think it is fair to say that both these sources of electrical power fall short of what is required to make anything qualify as 'green', when it comes to energy or indeed any other product that claims to be good for the environment.

The concept of the Magnetic motor is one that we should all be quite excited about, as it not only seems to be one of the cleanest sources of power available at this time; but it is also one that we can in fact build ourselves and put into operation directly into our own homes. This give us all the possibility of direct control and huge savings on our power bills - if the claims about this Magnet motor prove to be correct.

Alternative power sources is a subject that is close to my heart, as some-one who hates to waste money on high energy bills! The concept of free power via the Magnetic motor is, hardly surprisingly, one that I find quite exciting and one that I explore in more detail through my website.

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