Renewable Motor Fuels: The Past, the Present and the Uncertain Future | Ebook

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Considering the ever-rising costs of traditional fuel paired with the increasing scarcity of its resources, its easy to see why exploring renewable fuels has become an increasingly critical goal for engineers, researchers, and end-users alike. However, due to the great diversity of technologies, policies, and attitudes, it can be difficult to gain a good well-rounded understanding of these types of fuels. Renewable Motor Fuels: The Past, the Present and the Uncertain Future presents an opportunity to gain an insightful understanding of all the key aspects of alternative automotive fuels in one book. Author Arthur Brownstein describes various sources of renewable motor fuels (including ethanol, algae, isobutanol, natural gas, and battery power) and their production processes, specific properties, and economic advantages/disadvantages. This comprehensive coverage of such an important topic is crucial for anyone with an interest in renewable fuels, from researchers to engineers to end-users.presents a clear overview on a variety of renewable motor fuel technologies, balancing history, technology, and policyprovides the status of current and developing renewable motor fuel technologies and their uses worldwidediscusses the competitive economics of renewable fuel processes and their respective market interactions
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