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Sea Waves

This is a scientist concept that energy can be coveted to other power, but it can't be destroyed in conversion of energy we don't get gross amount of energy for the work put in. Because of some amount of energy wasted during process of converting. For example: The kinetic energy we get from water is used to rotate the turbines and get the electricity. The electricity we get from above mentioned process is converted to difference energies. But we can't get the initial energy.

We generate electricity from the kinetic energy which of taken by wind, waterfalls, etc. Likewise we can definitely get (electricity) the from sea waves. We must get the full amount of effective kinetic energy till the wave energy becomes zero.(mass multiply by velocity equal to energy MxV=Kn when the mass or velocity very high energy will high) when velocity low energy become zero. Then the coastal erosion will never take place. Coastal belt is fully conserved by this method. A great deal of money which is spent for the coastal conservation is completely saved. No damage will happen to the environment. Electricity can be produced at a low cost.

This is turbine or propeller with shaft or axel against the wave direction or other suitable ways. The shaft axel coupled to generator. The generator (Dynamo) armature will rotate fifty cycles per second. It will be the frequency of electricity. This is we called normal electricity. (Generated electricity)
No environmental pollution occurred by implementing this system/program. No more expenditure (only initial expenditure) needed than thermal power. Not only that but also upcountry water can be use for irrigation/cultivation. If there is rain or not we can irrigate our lands and island will be overgrown with agriculture productions. And will supply the electricity at a cheaper rate than thermal electricity. If rain or not fuel or not coal or not electricity will be there.

How sea wave generates power

Wave turbines, essentially a rotating arrangement with two three or more bladed turbines are produce electricity by using the power of sea wave to drive an electrical generator. Sea wave passes over the blades, generating lift and exerting a turning force.
The rotating blades turn a shaft inside the nacelle, which goes into a gearbox .The power output of the wave generator goes to transformer, which converts the electricity from generator at around 700-1000V, to the appropriate voltage for the power collection system, typically 33kv.
As shown in the following figure, wave energy technology has evolved rapidly over the last three decades with increasing rotor diameters and the use of power electronics to allow operation at variable rotor speed. Initial wave turbines generated only a few hundred of kWs and a generator essentially working at a fixed speed was employed. Today a single generator can generate up to 5-7.5MW and variable speed generators are employed.

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