Replica of VSPB HHO wet cell

A 31 plate design, using 20 gage (.036") 316L Stainless Steel plates, that were laser cut, enclosed with 6mm thick transparent acrylic.
Lid is .500" thick Gray PVC, the electrode bolt holes are tapped and sealed with 316L Stainless Steel washers and corrision resistant rubber O-rings.
The housing was formed with the same 20 gage stainless steel the electrode plates were cut out of. The top and bottom flanges were cut from 11 gage (.120") 304 Stainless Steel.
The bubbler is just plain ABS with threaded holes. Nothing has been glued or permenantly sealed yet as there are still some things I must finish before I make it irrepairable.
I expect this cell to run most efficiently at 12-14 VDC and draw 40 or 50 amps with all six electrodes connected in parallel and produce 2-4 LPM.
I am waiting for more money so I can get some pure KOH. If anyone knows any place to get scientific grade KOH over the counter, let me know.
Or better yet, give me information comparing the overall efficiency and performance of pure KOH and drain cleaner containing KOH from Home Depot.
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