Resonant Stirling

Resonant tube with a first try to catch the frequency on a scope.
I put a second "fixed" channel at 500 hz to keep the monitoring easy.
The next video will show that you can have to prime the device to make it work. I still do not have the key to make it start: when you have reached the right position you can "hear" it even if it still doesn't sing: just snap your finger, gently touch the tube or whistle and then it cranks.. strange enough...
One tube, same size, was "powerful" enough to blow a candle 1/2 inch from the tube mouth.
Tube resonnant avec acquisition approchée de la fréquence.
La seconde video est just là pour montrer le comportement quand on s'approche de l'accord
On perçoit alors nettement une perception de "vide" : taper, gratter ou claquer des doigts suffit alors
à lancer la résonnance.
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