REStar PWM Hydrostar New 100A HHO Controller, no terroid coil

There were many past customers that had requested a more powerful HHO Controller minus the terroid circuit.

Here it is the v100A. Featuring 4 individual mosfets for a cooler running circuit. Same exact circuit as the v9/v20 (C, D, E, F) except with some circuit protection using an optocoupler, a sort of electronic non-contact relay.

This particular unit will handle up to 50 constant amps and 100 pulsed amps assuming that you have enough power to feed your hungry cell as these are not an amplifier but are a controller ig 1:1 ratio @ idle & 10:1 ratio @ WOT or wide open throttle.

This unit also has more adjustibility than previous units and is more able to adjust to the limits of a 555 timer chip.

This particular unit, in the video, is the v100A 1.2 pcb which needed some modifications, but we have redesigned the v100A with the 1.3 updated version that needs no modifications.

Units, like this one, will be up for sale on our web site by the end of April 2011 as gas prices seem to keep rising with no halt in site. Regular price will be $650 which includes a 6 month warranty from purchase date. Our last unit sold December 2012.

If you want one for purchase these will again be available for purchase July 2015. A web address will be provided when it has been updated.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.
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