Revin' Up the Tesla CD Turbine II With Magnetic Disc Pack

Mrfixitrick spins up the Tesla CD Turbine II to see if it holds together under speed. Some great revving action with the sights and sounds of this CD Turbine at over 10,000 rpm on compressed air.

The Tesla CD turbine is a disc type turbine made from CD discs, CD spindle, a nozzle, neodymium magnets, and glue. This test uses compressed air at about 50 psi.

The original Tesla Turbine was invented by the great inventor Nikola Tesla in the early 1900's.

Tesla claimed his disc turbine design was his greatest invention, and believed it would, "...scrap all of the heat engines of the world."

For a video of this machine with a sawblade attached and cutting a pumpkin (!), see my "Tesla CD Turbine Pumpkin Cuttin' Ceremony"

How to build a CD turbine:

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