revised PWM Charger Circuit

The Purpose of this Circuit is to avoid the Use of a Half-Bridge-Driver-IC wich is used in Tim Nolans PP-Solar-Tracker Circuit.
The Advantage is that you can go higher with the Input-Voltage then just the 20V tolerated by the IC and you get more Security in regard to the Diode-Bypass-Mosfet because it is left out ;-). Tradeoff is that the Efficiency is a little less but I don't care.
You could also take a P-Channel-Mosfet to drive the Charging-Part but then you have to add a Bypass Resistor between Source and Gate and choose the Values carefully because you may not pull down the Voltage on the Gate too low if the Input Voltage of the whole Circuit is above Vgs of your Mosfet. You are then essentially driving a Resistor-Divider that is connected to the Gate.
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