Road Tracks Combination with Dual Hybrid Compressed Air & LNG Backup/Heat Generator

This Channel is hacked by anti-life anti-social oriented (CIA)government/corporate workers, so I often see my comment notifications get reduced. I suspect that part of it is so called "to protect me", but a large part of it is "jealousy" and militarized mindsets who want all to themselves. Yes, these stupid types of humans exist, and they are reading this as well.
Many Honors to SadhGuru for Video: How to become Inspired; which flows well with the one presented afterwards.
This Dual Hybid Concept Car (invention), containes ZERO BATTERIES of any sort as that is the intention.
Another big problem that we didn't plan out well to begin with, is all the different crap we flush down our water and sewage drains.
Far too many of them end up leading to water-ways and as a result we have to filter our water with flouride and/or chlorine
more and more as the years go by!

I talk to people about all of these things, often enough random people. I guarantee this is the best video you will ever see surrounding transportations and the
best possibilities of modernizations, progressions and evolutions into the future. Unless the impossible, free energy devices which
provide magnitudes of Over-Unity/Free Energy which would be required from a relatively small devices are actually possible.
Combined, people have already spent millions of dollars into the subject without any success.
People have experimented and studied the subject of the impossible for many many
decades and it still proves impossible today, and I am pretty sure it will continue to prove impossible forever into the future!

The best answer towards transportations is not so simple, this video was not easy to make and myself, just like yourself,
are learning these things as we evolve and progress in this world, so please bare with me, my intentions are towards helping
humanity at large, and my speech here is based on a tremendous amount of research into all areas of technologies surrounding

I am extremely blessed by the Fermions in this universe to be alive, grateful and appreciative, that I remember everything that I do (have) to share with you and help you.. I am making an effort
to consistently pray to the Fermions that I continue to remember, stay alive and be allowed (able) to reach out as much as possible, as these intentions
are solely towards the betterment of the planet, technologies and the people at large... And our wallets. (Money) These may sound like eloquent words,
but they are not just this, they serve great purpose for a better future forward.

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