Rocket Stove Mass Heater

Steel rocket mass heater for workshop.
Dimensions are as follows:
Burn tube (w x h x l): 7" x 4" x 28" || 175mm x 100mm x 700mm (10mm steel box section)
Riser (d x h): 6" x 36" || 150mm x 900mm (1mm stainless steel)
Insulation (d): 6" || 150mm (coarse vermiculite)
Inner barrel (d x h): 18" x 36" || 450mm x 900mm (1mm mild steel)
Outer barrel (d x h): 20" x 38" or 500mm x 950mm (2mm stainless steel)
Horizontal bench (l x d): 16' x 6" || 5m x 150mm (1mm stainless steel) - this needs to be covered in cob
External flue (h x d): 6' x 6" || 2m x 150mm (insulated flue)

Heater sits on a tripod approx 12" off the ground. Bricks have been dry stacked around these up to the 4th course. From then the vermiculite has been poured in around the burn tube and around the outer barrel.
Very efficient and doesn't take long to get up to temperature. Photos of build etc can be found here https://picasaweb.google.com/102727395761916208682/RocketMassHeaterForWorkshop#
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