Rocket Stove / Thermoelectric generator and waterfall part 1

This is a rocket stove I built. It has a 30 watt thermal electric generator (TEG) hooked to a 7 amp charge controller. The battery is hooked to a 500 watt inverter. It also has a 7 watt DC fluorescent light on a switch. The TEG was ordered ready built just plumbed with pex on the cold side and I decided to use a waterfall with 15 gallons of water to be a heat exchanger to allow the water to give off the heat and hopefully replace some of the humitdy that the stove takes out of the air. Sidenote: The TEG is supposedly only about 4 to 5% efficient to my understanding that is power generated from total watts of power passing through the TEG. Since, the heat is passing through the TEG is being stored in the water and the water gives off heat to the room. This application increases the overall efficiency.
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