Roof VAWT - High Wind

Introducing the latest in hybrid wind and solar power technology

Bayat Energy can offer you the latest and compact types of wind and solar power generators the world has to offer, providing natural and clean power, saving energy as well as protecting the environment.

These generators are specially adapted for anything from family homes, commercial buildings, schools, hotels, parks and public spaces.

They can operate soundlessly with wind speeds as low as 1m/sec and up to 60m/sec regardless of wind direction. Because of its unique capabilities, the break unit is fully automatic and will shut down operation in cases of extreme winds for safety of the product.

The products currently range from as little as 200W up to an impressive 10KW depending on your requirements.

Bayat Energy can also offer hybrid LED street lighting systems as an independent hybrid generator unit utilizing both wind and solar power. Even when disaster strikes, these small generators can continue to ensure illumination. Not only are they technologically advanced but also aesthetically pleasing, reliable and safe.

Bayat Energy introduce world leading technology that has been researched and developed in Japan.

These unique and advanced wind power generators guarantee security, satisfaction, high productivity and durability. Their stylish yet simple design integrates easily in both a busy downtown metropolis as well as any natural environment
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