Rotor Assembly of a Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Alternator

Brought to you by WindGenKits.com, this video details some of the tricky aspects involved with assembling the rotors of a Dual Rotor Axial Flux Alternator. For more information about our wind turbine kits and supplies, please visit our web site at: http://www.WindGenKits.com

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  • Sean McMurray

    Dear god, that is not how you put the magnets on it. You never let it snap on there like that, you had it right when putting it up to the edge of the rotor disc, but instead of aligning the magnet center with the edge and letting it slam on there, you should place just the edge of the magnet on the disc edge, and then slide the entire length of the magnet inward from the disc edge. You're gonna break a magnet or two, doing it like that. This is the voice of someone who's handled large N52 magnets everyday for 10 years.