Running a Gasoline Engine on Hydrogen Using Water Part 2

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Instant Hydrogen Gas

The first process shown to us by Rothman Technologies uses water, salt, and an extremely inexpensive metal alloy. The gas that results from this process is pure hydrogen, a fuel that burns without the need for external oxygen — and gives off no pollution whatsoever.

The primary owner of Rothman Technologies is a man who holds about fifty Patents Pending on a variety of mechanical devices, chemical compounds, novelties, and fuels. But it is his invention for using a metal alloy to break down the water molecule that is of interest to us here.

In behalf of Spirit of Ma'at, I visited Rothman Technologies last February (2003) in order to witness first-hand what several people had told us was true: This company was running a 12-horsepower, gasoline-powered electrical generator using water as "fuel." The generator was a gasoline combustion engine exactly like the one in your car.

They admitted that the system was crude and would have to be improved. Nonetheless, they could and actually did show us a gasoline engine running on water (click on pictures for larger versions).

This engine was mounted on a lab bench in a garage area, with the door open for ventilation. On the floor were thirteen half-gallon containers linked together with tubes, all connected to a central, larger tube that ran directly to the carburetor of the motor.

In the containers was ordinary water plus an electrolyte (i.e., some type of salt).

When a piece of metal alloy was dropped into the electrolyte mixture, hydrogen instantly began to form at an amazing rate. The hydrogen gas traveled to a main tube, and from there straight to the carburetor.

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