Runs on Firewood! Cheap, easy-to-make Metal Foundry Melts all forms of aluminum!

WOOD-BURNING - Takes a lot of charcoal to run most metal foundries at home, but not this one! Homemade Metal Foundry melts aluminum cans and recycled aluminum bar stock from metal scrap yards. Supersized yet relatively cheap and easy to build. 50 pounds of plaster and 50 pounds of sand, 24 inch aluminum flashing from Home Depot, 1 60 pound bag of cement, a few screws and you have a supersized home blast furnace. Warning, protective clothing should be used at all times when working with hot metals. Unexpected alloys or other possible factors could create a large pop or small explosion of liquid metal that could severely injure you if you are unprotected. You assume all risks when operating this homemade blast furnace. This is NOT A TOY and should never be taken lightly!! Aluminum melts at over 1200 degrees F. You should read other sources of information regarding safely working with molten metals. I only touch on what can be done once you are safely prepared. Thanks and be safe!
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