Santilli HHO 36v DC 40-50 amps no/none/zero electrolysis catalyst Pure-Water plasma HHO generation

Pulse Jet Civil Defense Emergency Air Strip, Crash Site, and Disaster Relief Project:

Santilli HHO 36v DC 40-50 amps no/none/zero electrolysis catalyst Pure-Water plasma HHO generation. Exhaust results in fire-purified water suitable for filtration and ozonation for use as inject-able saline and or emergency plasma for all first aid and health care applications. This is how water was purified through EMF HHO fire at the ancient great pyramid on Giza Plateau prior to the Great flood of Noah and streaming Days of Peleg. No one drinks from rivers-- especially the ancient frog and crocodile filled Nile. LOL Well, maybe the Warsaw Pact or Egyptian Army would... This is a great way to kill Nile Virus.

http://youtu.be/PfMHq64CW9U, http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1051238 , http://youtu.be/mwPiQLGrFCU , Heat pumps, power plants, Stochiometric HHCO fuel generators, HVAC, welding, foundry, and blast furnace for civil, disaster, and battle field applications when cut-off by enemy action and no resupply logistic support is anticipated. Near-closed loop, sound proof applications are being planned. Metal Pulse Jets designed as Key Chain Fobs can serve as molds for ceramic expendable fuse/ordnance and should be carried by all personnel along side pen/pencil, paper, and Santilli HHO generator plans. Special fuel inlet design consideration is required in order to prevent possible pre-ignition and back-fire. This technology has field expedient fuse and explosive applications valuable to We the People.


Beware back-fire threat and HHO generation containment vessel low-water exposing plasma to gas HHO causing explosion. Of course, that is a great 'time fuse' and ordnance.

note. Consider using a Stirling Motor to drive windings and pump water. The Stirling motor would start-up by APU and then drive a EMF generator. The generator would output 40-50 amps DC at 36v which would be used to power Santilli stochiometric HHO plasma arc rods generating HHCO. The HHCO fuel inlet must have a flash suppressor else wise back fire will result. HHO will fuel a burner or sound proofed Hiller-Lockwood water-cooled ceramic pulse jet Heat Pump. Excess heat would then power your Stirling Motor. As water has a perfect memory, burner and/or pulse jet exhaust would be returned to the Santilli stochiometric HHO plasma arc rods generating chamber in a closed loop. This design requires no toxic catalyst or toxic waste disposal and never needs refueling. You would need a supply of carbon arc rods, but you can make them from wood and lamp black. This resolves your water pumping issue in a low tech gravity-feed fashion while giving you HVAC, refrigeration, power plant, automotive, trucking, welding, foundry, forge, industry in a GREEN SUSTAINABLE fashion. Jem making and Mining becomes remarkable, Mr. Prospector. Even bulk sand yields unrefined metals, including gold. Such smelting operations requiring only carbon rods, coal, or lamp black open vast economic opportunity and yield emergency and militia/military benefit. Endless inexpensive 4,000 F facilitates liquid metal fractioning enabling pour-off by specific gravity and/or by melting-point.


1. Stochiometric HHO (Santilli HHCO) Heat Pump solid state pulse jet specifications and plan forms: http://www.pulse-jets.com/

note. These Heat Pumps require sound proof closed loop combustion chambers.
Valveless Pulsejet Engines 1.5
-- a historical review of valveless pulse jet designs --
by Bruno Ogorelec

2. Sustainable, functional stochiometric HHO (Santilli HHCO) fuel generator proof of concept: http://youtu.be/PfMHq64CW9U


MISSION: Clarify threats to US citizen sovereignty associated with False Flag 'Doomsday' 2012-2016 fear mongering, self evident US economic collapse & bankruptcy, foreign oil wars, and suppressed Green/Sustainable energy generation technology. Prevent TEEN suicide associated with US governance False Flag operations, fear mongering, and hopelessness arising from local/state/federal fiscal incompetent public debt generation resulting in TEEN debt obligations and debt lien infringement of inalienable and unalienable creator God given rights: release all hard Telemetry Data associated with Star Wormwood/Nemesis/Planet X/Nibiru/Destroyer THREAT now.

Q: Does anyone have AUG 2012 Star Wormwood/Planet X/Nibiru Telemetry Data ?

John 3:16 American Standard Version


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