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Three years in the planning, scenic eclipse takes ocean cruising to a completely new level in terms of technology and innovation.

The inbuilt safety and comfort features ensure we can cross the most challenging oceans with ease.
State of the art engineering, and the highest ice class ’1 A Super’ Allows us to unlock destinations never before seen in such luxury.

The highly reinforced double hull adds an extra element of safety when discovering polar regions.

Scenic Eclipses highly efficient engineers are designed to reduce emissions below future global standards.

Her custom built stabilisers, over 50% larger than you would normally find on a ship of this size, can smooth even the biggest swells.

These advanced stabilisers also work when the ship is stationary. This zero speed technology is usually only found on the largest private super yachts.

Scenic Eclipse cares for the fragile environment in the areas we visit.

The ships dynamic positioning system allows us to remain stationary in areas where the use of anchors would damage the seabed.

Dynamic positioning when coupled with zero speed stabilisers adds a new dimension to the comfort of all those on board.

Every possibility has been considered, with a backup wheelhouse and electrical generators as well as food preparation and storage in different zones of the ship.

Guests safety and comfort remains our number one priority.

From the top of the world to Antarctica, and everything in between, Scenic eclipse takes luxury cruising to a whole new level.

So you can discover, a whole new world.
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