School Strike 4 Climate Special: Protests, Climate Change & Greta Thunberg

Millions of school students all over the world have hit the streets for the global climate strike. Marches and protests are being held in more than 3,400 towns and cities across 130 countries. Hundreds of thousands of people marched all over Australia! The crowds in Sydney of school students were joined by adults who also left work for the day, people in Cairns took the opportunity to talk about saving the reef and there was a big turnout in Canberra.


Now with all these protests and marches happening around the world. You might be wondering how it started. Well it's all inspired by a teenager from Sweden. Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old from Sweden and she is the person behind this global movement. It started in August last year. She believed that her government wasn't doing enough to fight climate change. So she decided to send a message. She decided every Friday she would sit outside the Swedish parliament until Sweden is in line with the Paris Agreement. After 3 days she had 35 other strikers with her and after 3 weeks she had 10,000. Greta's actions attracted heaps of attention and pretty soon millions of kids all over the world had joined in too. Greta's become an international icon. She's travelled the world talking to world leaders. Of course that's not an easy thing to achieve. Climate change is a global problem and a lot of countries can't agree on the best way to tackle it. The Aussie government says it does have a plan. Greta says the best thing people can do is start small because everyone has the power to make a difference.


Some kids in Townsville are on a mission to save the Black-Throated Finche. Experts reckon they're extinct in New South Wales and only around a thousand are left in Queensland. But the students at Belgian Gardens have managed to breed 120 over the past six years!

A team of international scientists created a virtual reality reef to provide a snapshot of what the world's coral reefs look like and how they're changing.

What better way to draw attention to the issue of climate change Than to create a giant portrait of Greta Thunberg. An Italian land-artist created a 27 thousand square metre picture of her by ploughing through a field in Verona, Italy. Hopefully Greta approves of the effort!


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