Science News 2011(English) Renewable Energy Wind Power

2011年 5分

 The nuclear power plant accident triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake has drawn new attention to renewable energy. According to a study by the Ministry of the Environment, among the various types of renewable energy, wind power has the highest introduction potential by far with an installed capacity of 1.9 billion kW. However, introduction would require legal acts, supporting projects, and technological innovation. At Kyushu University, a large-scale demonstration facility for a wind power system called the wind-lens turbine was completed at the Ito Campus. While providing power to the campus, tests to increase the scale of the system will be conducted. For the next stage, Professor Yuji Ohya, one of the developers of this system, plans to build an offshore wind farm in Hakata Bay to conduct field tests, and also has a concept to establish a Multi-source offshore energy farm on the Genkai Sea in the future.
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