scotty7129 Edward Leedskalnin PMH replication

Edward Leedskalnin the Builder of Coral Castle in Florida state
He claimed the he have re-discovered the Secret of Ancient Builder,
I think his claim is accurate. Please click more info for brief explanation.

I believed he was able to achieved levitation by using SOUND or RESONANCE. Ed's FLYWHEEL is Magnetic Resonance Torsion Field Generator, tuned to interact with Ionosphere and Torsion energy of Earth. Ed was able to achieved this inducing the FLYWHEEL four (4) source of sound:1] Angular Bar on top of the FLYWHEEL is like a tuning fork that vibrate sound, 2] South-Wood with embedded iron bar also generate a vibration or sound(like wood and string on a guitar, 3] West-Wood with embedded iron bar also generate sound but in different frequency as the South-Wood, 4] Ed was singing on his FLYWHEEL note are from falcetto upto double base. Four sources of sound and the magnet on the FLYWHEEL converge on the center of the FLYWHEEL generating a torch that is building up bigger and bigger until it was able to interact with the Ionosphere and Torsion Energy of earth. The FLYWHEEL was tuned at frequency ranging from 7.8hz and 12hz. The Photo of Ed while working with his FLYWHEEL are necessary(chains, metals, rod, etc everything have purpose), it is the Giant model of PHM and starting power source are from sounds in different angular alignment, the main power of his FLYWHEEL are coming from Ionosphere( + ) and Torsion energy of earth ( -). Ed was able to nullify effect of gravity by wrapping the rock with cable one is connected to his tuner and the other end was connected to the bottom side of his FLYWHEEL. Coral Castle was located in magnetic grid, by this setup he was able to attract invisible naturally occurring high-spin rate element(or ORME) to attach itself in the rock making it to levitate. High-spin rate element are known to be super conductive and easily reacted to sound or vibration, high-spin rate element are also attracted to those vibrating metallic chains and produce a build up of magnetic substance surplus on the surface of the metals. Build of magnetic substance of the hanging metallic chains will travel to a lesser resistance materials and that is the copper hanging above the handle of the FLYWHEEL. FLYWHEEL is being operated with a knowledge of quantum dynamics in mind. Ed have profound knowledge about Golden Harmonics, and its numbers is 2545, it has a direct correlation with Ed's SWEET SIXTEEN (16). Ed is not dumb or un-educated, like other large ego physicist or engineered have said. Ed knew what he was doing, and he try to show it to the world, but the world are lazy to study deeper into his work.
If you want to see illustration or explanation on Ed's work add my FACEBOOK account under [ Fidel Obando ], look into Edward Leedskalnin Album and read all the captions or comments below the photos.
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