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Search Results: "vawt diy"

  • 03:00 Popular VAWT : Build a Mag-Lev VAWT wind turbine from cheap parts........

    VAWT : Build a Mag-Lev VAWT wind turbine from cheap parts........

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    Design: The PERFECT Mag-Lev VAWT ( Vertical Axis Wind Turbine ) This design lets you build the Perfect VAWT from cheap parts, which should be capable of generating ONE HELL OF A LOT OF POWER. Since it's a Mag-Lev it's nearly frictionless, so efficiency ca

  • 02:28 VAWT - PVC

    VAWT - PVC

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    it works !

  • 01:18 My First VAWT

    My First VAWT

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    My prototype vawt design. Thanks to Dan Rojas at GREENPOWERSCIENCE.COM for his excellent series of videos showing the production of a DIY VAWT.

  • 02:48 VAWT


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  • 02:17 DIY vawt with car alternator

    DIY vawt with car alternator

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    This is an update of my vertical axis wind turbine. Now we have placed a car alternator on it. It turns, but only without field excitation. From the moment we activate the field excitation, it won't turn anymore. We have to find something that turns very

  • 01:46 VAWT - 5 Blades  (DIY)

    VAWT - 5 Blades (DIY)

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    Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 50 W. 5 Blades configuration in 1 meter rotor diameter. Cut in speed 2 m/sec. Less RPM in spinning, but more powerful. Using Low-Speed Generator.

  • 01:58 The poormans VAWT DIY

    The poormans VAWT DIY

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    My first VAWT, not finished yet.. I buildet that, to fire up my carbatterys for my HHO-Tests.

  • 00:37 H-Darrieus VAWT

    H-Darrieus VAWT

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    Przedstawiam wykonany własnoręcznie prototyp wirnika turbiny wiatrowej. Trzy płaty o wysokości 2500mm, szerokość płata 500mm, średnica 2400mm.

  • 00:04 Darrieus   VAWT

    Darrieus VAWT

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    Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - Moving mesh

  • 00:21 Giromill VAWT

    Giromill VAWT

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    Hier onze Giromill VAWT in actie

  • 05:18 VAWT CROATIA - run at 6 m/s

    VAWT CROATIA - run at 6 m/s

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    For additional information: sasa.galic1106@gmail.com

  • 00:19 VAWT, ThorZen

    VAWT, ThorZen

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    low wind, no load

  • 00:23 Savonius Vawt

    Savonius Vawt

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    buckets are made from laminated, fluted polypropylene (Coroplast) sheet.

  • 01:10 VAWT EFFICIENCY.3gp


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    An idea for VAWT wind turbines whether they are LENZ, Savonius, or other. Idea is to add a valve to centre of each bucket to maximise difference in drag coefficients.

  • 04:04 Ike Vawt Power

    Ike Vawt Power

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    Short gusts of 22 mph with erratic wind directions the design shows no sign of stall due to high winds. The SINE wave at blade tips gives balance and "even" ever changing distribution force/torque to perpendicular to the shaft.

  • 00:46 Popular DIY VAWT prototype

    DIY VAWT prototype

    by Admin Added 120 Views / 0 Likes

    Homemade DIY VAWT. Made on a Friday night. Just a prototype in a 1/3 scale of the final version.