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Second industrial revolution.

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Honorable Gov. Jerry Brown,

You could inspire a million people to start their own solar harvesting business, if you would enforce the law that requires the utilities to pay small solar harvesters twice the going market rate, for each kilowatt they feed into the grid.

Every home owners would immediately install solar panels on their roofs.

This could create thousands of new small businesses.

This could spin up more sales of solar panels and hire more installers.
This could create a 100,000 new jobs in one year.

Germany has such a program. It is working great.
It created 4,000 new home based businesses & 200,000 more jobs.
The German economy now employs more people in solar than the auto industry.
We have more sun by far.
We can harvest far more energy.
Why allow the PG&E to block the CPUC from improving this program?

Germany is closing all its nuclear power plants.
On Jan 30th, 12, the private utility SDG&E will submit a proposal to raise rates, $30., on people who install solar panels on their house to feed power into the grid. Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN), a non-profit watchdog, is fighting the attempted rate increase. SDG&E is trying to prevent home owners from making money by selling electricity to the grid.

In Germany, half a million people are now feeding huge amounts of solar power onto the grid.
They are making $20,000. a year extra, selling solar power into the grid. Germany will totally replace nukes, dirty coal, gas & oil by 2050,
because home owners are inspired by the 2002 law to keep installing more and more solar panels.
This helps the home owners to make more and more money harvesting solar power. This drives the Germany economy up.

Germany is closing all its nuclear power plants because so many home owners are now harvesting so much solar power.

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