Second Renaissance Electric Boat Conversion Aug 2015

This video was requested by customers and is not intended to impress people with a fancy presentation or to prove something. It was a first run at this setup to see how the Fet controller worked under real-life conditions in the hot summer last year. Some years ago we put the same kind of motor into a 26' boat and ran that for 3 years as shown in our other videos a few years back. In this video we only gently ran this motor between 1 and 2 HP due to it being the first run and due to the limitations of the outdrive which was rated for only 4HP. We had only planned on showing this as a basic demonstration showing that this motor can indeed run as a motor while charging a second battery bank at the same time. In this video you can see that the amp draw from the primary bank was between 30A and 55A @ around 24.7V (when finished and resting it came back to 25.5V) while the charging bank was almost 30V under charge. This video is not an attempt to demonstrate the one to one running to charging rates but it can give an idea. We have now upgraded the controller to be water cooled to keep the fets cool so that this motor can run upto 10KW @36V. We have also doubled the controller to push 20KW @36. This is about the limitation of the motor presently because of the 1/4" keyway between the shaft and rotor.
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