Secrets Of The Dead (S01E01-E02) Catastophe! (2001)

The first two episodes of the PBS series "Secrets Of The Dead" deal with David Keys' hypothesis that a massive natural calamity around the year 535 AD had catastrophic effect on civilizations around the world. So, this two part episode is appropriately called "Catastrophe." UK Channel 4 originally aired this documentary and PBS channel 13 added new bumpers, new narration by Roy Scheider, closed captioning and some incorrect production credits at the end.

My upload of this documentary uses as the source my copy of the PBS VHS release of this "Secrets Of The Dead" two-part episode. Another complete upload of this "Catastophe!" episode on YouTube has a strange color scheme, as if it came from a VHS dupe copy. Whatever. Exact SRT subtitles are optional for the SDH, courtesy of me.
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