Self-Built Solar Powered Camper Van! DIY Work-Van to Bugout Vehicle!

This commercial van was purchased used for a good deal, stripped, and built from the ground up with the intent of camping and being safe to bring multiple passengers along. Many DIY camper vans are built for the solo or pair of travelers so the back of the vehicle doesn't really have safe seating for car seats. I built mine specifically for that in mine which added its challenges. I tried to keep things affordable and spacious. This is a quick shot of what's been done and what you could do too!

If you are wanting to create your own do it yourself camper van conversion and you need some how to videos or instructions. Leave a comment below. One of the challenges was coming up with a design to structurally support a bench seat that doesn't belong in this van that would be safe in a car wreck. I can help!

If you'd like videos on what went well, what didn't go so well, changes I've made, changes I wish I could make but won't because of the technical difficult, and more, leave a comment below and if I see enough interest, I'll go further into making videos and help you out.
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