Shad Loncor Neutrino Diffusor Egg Water Splitter Cold Electrolysis without Electric Power

Shad Loncor Neutrino Diffusor Egg Water Splitter Cold Electrolysis without Electric Power

2 Technologies:
1. fuel cracker, also called the "neutrino diffuser". This system is able to dissociate fuel like gasoline, diesel or kerosene. This process is cold, not one part in it heats nor warms up. The result is a clean combustible gas. Obviously the carbon and sulphur in the different fuels remain in the liquid left over fuel, while the gas can be combusted.

2. Second invention is high efficient water dissociation. This is molecular (soft) dissociation of water, offering great advantage in regard to conventional electrolysis, since it works on room temperature, not the water nor electrodes warm up. Hydrogen and oxygen can be generated for immediate use just by pressing water through his Neutrino Diffusor egg.

In it there is probably some kind
of charged Electret made out of ferrite material, maybe black sand which he glued together with acrylic glue (super glue) and charged up during curing with high voltage and magnetic pulses... So if water flows through this material it will be ripped apart by the highly static dielectric and magnetic fields and out comes some kind of burnable HHO gas as you can see in the video. And no electricity needed for this, just some water pressure to get the water flowing through the egg. Tap sink water pressure is enough for it. Here in this demo he used a bad old loud pump only...he told me.

Unfortunetely Shad sold his patent about this invention to the oil industry as he needed to support his family and kids and now this technology lays dormant in a safe of the oil industry... too bad...

But maybe some other bright minds can try to replicate this design and make it Open Source ?

Regards, Stefan.

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