Shipping container house design project

Hello everyone
in this video I'm going to show you an idea i have for shipping container house design.
I use "Shipping Container Home Design Software"
here is link from where u can download it from:


I'm very passionate about houses like this first of all is because they are "green" and is so many containers which no one use in the shipping ports ... I got a lot of ideas and i have make very good research on this subject and i have gotten approximately cost of building a house like this .... the cost of my project is gonna be different in every country but let say in UK about 40 000 with the cost of the containers In US about the same and of course + the cost of the land.. anw if u r interested and need more info please write me and I will be happy to reply :)

I had to make a lot of cuts in the video because it was to long so if somewhere there is no connection btw the subjects i talk about please don't be surprised :)
thanks for watching and reading.
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