SHOGEN (Separated Hydrogen Oxygen Generator) convert water to fuel

SHOGEN is dry cell type Hydrogen and Oxygen generator that separate the hydrogen and oxygen into two separate chamber using electrolysis.
there are some advantage SHOGEN give is we can storage hydrogen and oxygen separately so we should not worry if it explode because hydrogen gas will not explode by it self without the presence of oxygen, the other advantage is we can use hydrogen and oxygen for application separately. hydrogen can make fire with oxygen in the air and we still store pure oxygen for other use. the electricity cost is also very low, this video show that SHOGEN run with about 12 volts and 7 ampere only (84 watts).
this video prove that the generator works really well, there are 2 tests to prove it. ballon test and fire test.
ballon test result the ballon from oxygen chamber is falling down and the ballon from hydrogen chamber is flying up, this is because of hydrogen gas is much lighter than the air.
fire test result the gas from oxygen chamber is not flammable but make fire from the lighter is brighter and hotter, this prove that it is oxygen. gas from the hydrogen chamber is flammable, this prove that it is hydrogen.
fire is on directly from above chamber this means that it is relatively safe, and I didn't wear any safety goggles to convince you. this thing you should never do with HHO generator because it will explode.

in my first video I show that i'm using alkaline water, ordinary water, and pipe from ordinary stove pipe without any modification to make fire. this means we can use hydrogen produces from SHOGEN for ordinary house stove.
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