short geet reactor revving and idling part 2

this is the second segment continuing. In between the carby and the reactor is a 1/4" compression nut have a funnel like shape pointed into the reactor. This helped a lot for me. it also works as my bottom rod stop. My upper rod stop is made of 316" stainless that is wedged inside the tube where a point is almost dead center of the tube allowing the rod to spin against it. I found the sweet spot on the carburetor adjustment. I do have a little problems but i have about twice the power than before using this same reactor. Some fuel is still burning in the reactor but i believe i can battle this with a smog pump, condensor and recirculation check valve recirculating some reformed fuel to the inlet of the carby to cut down on the amount of oxygen. Cooling the reformed fuel before reentry to the reactor won't be a problem for me. Working hard or hardly working you decide! If anyone is curious, the jar with the gas is aproximately 2 cups at the top of the sides and about 2 1/2 cups at the lip but i did't have it that full.
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