SilverFire Scout Biomass Portable Gasifier Stove

I just received the SilverFire Scout portable biomass gasifier stove in the mail. This is the unboxing and my first impressions of the stove. I will be doing extensive testing later during the next weeks.

Many of you will remember the SilverFire Hunter biomass stove I got a couple years ago. I really love this stove. It is the perfect grid down or off grid stove because it cooks an entire meal using just a handful of twigs or other biomass materials.

The SilverFire Scout is a smaller biomass gasifier stove. This little stove packs neatly away into an MSR backpacking pot for travel.

You can get the SilverFire Scout stove with various options. There is a travel cover for it which is convenient because the stove and pot will get dirty with time and you dont want that in your backpack.

There are optional silverware and fire starters that you can get with your SilverFire Scout stove.

And then there is the stove itself. This little stove packs neatly away into the pot as I said. It folds up small when not in use. It sets up easily in just two seconds and is ready for use.

I am already loving this little stove before I even try it. Due to its compact size and light weight, it is going to be perfect for survival, camping and hiking.

This stove is designed for a single person with about a quart sized pot at most. You can prepare two cups of coffee and a meal for two people in a quart sized pot though so this is no problem for couples.

I cant wait to take this little stove out in the field and really give it a workout.

Thank you SilverFire. You can find them here:

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