Simple DIY Solar Food Dehydrator

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The harvest has begun and I am starting to get too many vegetables to eat. I want to put some away for winter. I will pickle some, can some and dry some. Freezing is not an option when living off the grid.

I have built a simple solar food dehydrator today using cheap and light weight materials. This is portable and functional. There are no moving parts and it uses no energy except from the sun directly.

I have made a passive solar heater to help speed up the drying time of the vegetables. The passive solar heater sends heated air into the vegetable drying racks to help dry the food faster. The cover on the dehydrator gives it a sort of greenhouse effect which heats up the air inside the dryer. Cool air enters at the bottom of the solar dehydrator and hot moist air leaves out the top.

Drying time and temperature can be changed by using reflectors to increase the amount of sun that enters the solar dehydrator.
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