Simple Easy High Voltage Step Up Booster - 3 Volts to 3000 Volts

#Electronic #DIY #homeMade #HowTo Convert 3.7 Volt DC to AC inverter using mini step up power transformer - and Mosfet fast switching IRFZ48N Power Mosfet to amplify 3.7 volt DC to 2000 Volts AC. Then combine the #circuit with voltage multiplier to produce the high voltage generator arc/spark estimated 3000 volts based on the capacitors voltage:

3.7 Volt DC to 2000 Volt AC #inverter
2000 Volt AC to 3000 Volt DC #converter

Step Up Voltage Component

1 x Mini transformer (step up)
1 x 1000 Ohm Resistor
1 x IRFZ48N fast switching power mosfet

Voltage multiplier / Voltage #booster

8 x diodes Few Diodes
8 x Ceramic layer capacitors

Simple circuit schematic diagram:

This idea can make taser, stun gun electronic weapon and also Electromagnetic Pulse Gun (EMP), Drone jammer, Radar Jammer, Missile Jammer, RF Jammer

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