SIMPLE Homemade Metal Foundry - by VegOilGuy

Here I make a stable, high temperature home metal foundry to work alongside my waste oil burner, for melting and recycling various metals for other projects. Using dedicated dense, castable Refractory mix that’s capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1700 degrees Celcius (3092 Fahrenheit). This home metal foundry makes use of recycled materials, is easy to build, very affordable, is strong and stable and can easily be customised to suit your needs.
Most home made foundry designs use 50/50 sand and plaster of paris, but this mix is just too weak. It crumbles and disintegrates too easily and I got fed up of repairing mine. This dense refractory isn’t exactly concrete, but it’s MUCH harder than this 50/50 mix and should stand up to years of use, especially if supported in a firm containing frame as I’ve done here.
Once complete, the foundry is very heavy and not easily moved, so I mounted mine on castors for easy movement.

This build is inspired by Grant Thompson (King of Random) and Myfordboy. These are mentioned in this video and I would recommend viewing their tutorials. My thanks to them for their sterling work.

See my web page on this subject here:
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