"Simple" solar burner/boiler. 1527 half inch mirrors. (32 x 18 inch dish) #2

Just for fun I "boiled water", and "burned wood" using a Satellite dish with mirrors stuck to it! I took a used 32 inch by 18 inch satellite dish, and siliconed 1527 mirrors on to it. Each mirror is 1/2 inch in size. It seems crazy, but, what the heck! The job took me about 6 hours to do, and, now the fun begins!

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"Warning:, ALWAYS protect your eyes, skin, other people/animals if you build this device and use it!
May 19th, 1 hour north of Toronto, Canada. 1527 half inch mirrors stuck to a 32 inch by 18 inch satellite dish.
Completely full of tap water, a “full boil” is reached after about 13 minutes! The can is painted black to help absorb heat. I was able to set wood on fire in as little as 3 seconds! The heat cannot be projected any substantial distance. Heat is only generated at/near the “focal point”.
The focal point quickly becomes scattered (weak), if the dish is tilted away from the sun. Thanks for watching!"
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