Simple Solar: DIY off-grid AC Power - Two Battery (90 Watt) system - runs a lot (w/power readings)

Simple DIY Solar Power System. Off-Grid AC Power. Video shows many things you can run using a Simple Two Battery (90-100w) DIY Solar Power System. (wattage readings shown for most items) easy to set up. All items are widely available at local stores/amazon. cost to set up a similar system today; about $335.00 (plus cables and tax). rough breakdown of cost: $150 for 100W solar panel (100w Renogy panel shown in video - from amazon), batteries $75.00 each (walmart), $15.00 charge controller and $20 for a 400w inverter. To see exactly how to set this system up, watch my video titled, 'how to hook up solar panels (with battery bank)''. note that this video is a compilation of several other (13) shorter videos that i made a couple years ago, six of which i posted at the time (seven not posted). song in video is from youtubes "Copyright Free" Library. song title: Parasail.
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