Simple Very High Speed Joule Thief Motor

In this video I show how to make a joule thief motor using very little work! No winding required for the coils (assuming the coil you get has the start of the windings exposed). This circuit is basically a joule thief circuit split in two with a rotor in the middle. It is very simple and easy to make! And the rotor is very fast with some back EMF feeding back into the battery. Bedini Pulse Motor has the ability to charge another battery while the rotor is spinning. In this circuit there is no second battery (Bedini Design is more useful because of the charging effect). However, you could connected a diode from collector of the transistor going into something you want to charge with negative going back to your emitter in the transistor. This way you could use the pulse to charge something.... I haven't tried this, however.

There are many roads to over unity. The simplest road that I have found is induction using transformers. You induce magnetism in the transformer than you break the connection all the induced magnetism is converted into volts and amps + extra. This 'extra' which comes out of the circuit is what causes the over unity effect.
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