Solar Air Conditioner

Aquasolar Air Cooler
The Alternative to Air Conditioning!

Aquasolar air cooler is ideal for residences, shops, show rooms, hotel rooms and offices.
Specially everywhere where power supply is not reliable, no available or reducing electric bills payments because the air conditioner. As habitual system or emergency system.

Aquasolar A/C are portable and can be easily moved from location to location, making them ideal for spot cooling individual rooms or cooling areas normally unsuitable to standard window air models.

Moreover, it permits to be used for cooling certain areas only.

Plug & play. The perfect system. Very easy installation by user. The technology being completely green and solar there are no emissions of harmful CFCs, packed with unique features and state of the art design, combined with economy, reliability and efficiency using 100% SOLAR POWER

Features and Benefits:
The First and ONLY Waterless Air Cooler can use 2 Gel Ice Packs instead of water so there is no change in humidity (for tropical use)
Includes HEPA filter - one of the best ways to scrub your air and remove 99.97% of particles .03 microns or larger such as pollen, dust, smoke and animal dander
One compact, easy-to-use unit 11"x15"x25"
Does not need venting, can be moved from room to room, weighs less than 25 pounds
Can also be used as evaporative cooler in low humidity areas where one tank can last more than 20 hours and 2 Ice Pods are included to keep water cold
Comes with handy magnetic remote control to use from your easy chair or bed that can stick to the side of the unit
Oscillating air cooler function allows more coverage - cools areas yards away
Supplements cooling so you can reduce the use of your whole house air conditioner
Focuses your zone cooling - why cool your whole house when you are only using one room?
Timer function turns off automatically to save energy
Uses only 20 watts - powered with a solar panel
Can be used as a humidifier with HEPA filter during cold months to combat dryness

Each unit comes with 2 Gel Ice Packs for waterless cooling, 2 Ice Pods, HEPA filter and remote control
Covered by One Year Warranty on Parts or Labor, plus 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee - YOU RISK NOTHING
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