Solar bans fracking.

What is the next big crisis that will move the world economy from oil to solar?

There are 1.5 billion people living in tiny rural farms, who own cell phones, so they can sell their eggs & vegetables, but they have no electricity to charge their cell.

They have to walk 5 miles to a store & pay to charge their cell. That may sound strange, but that is how fast cell phones are selling. It is inevitable that this economic wave, created by cell phones will eliminate oil and give us the freedom of the solar economy. Safe, cleans, quiet, decentralized, free roof top solar energy.

Many millions of these people are now buying solar panels so they can charge their phones from the sun, fossil free.

Last year these 1.5 billion people, living in India, Africa, Brazil & China spent $4 billion for solar panels. Often one person will buy a solar panel and so be able to charge every phone in the village. This cash flow pays for the solar panel.

Then she buys another solar panel. Suddenly this village is 100% solar powered. World wide, there are 1 billion people buying solar panels just to charge their cell phones.

They are spending $4 billion for solar. The cost of a solar panel in India is about 10X the cost of a cell phone. That is $4 billion going to make each village 100% solar powered. This explosive growth of people buying phones to sell their food in the market, is causing a shift from coal to 100% solar.

You may not see it happening, but these billion farmers are shifting the whole world's economy from oil to solar. This invisible revolution happening today. This has been dubbed the solar revolution. The 4th rev. There is no way big coal can reach these people. However, there is a third part of this puzzle, few people have seen coming. The money needed to grow such "village" grids is the "Solar payment policy" that requires Utilities to pay solar farmers $0.29 kwh for selling surplus solar onto the grid. There you have it. Three pieces of a jigsaw, looking for some smart people to put the 3 pieces together. This is creating a huge economic drive to build a whole new world economy for the poorest people on earth.

Steve Jobs & Hermann Scheer had no idea of the huge disruption to the oil companies they created by inventing the cell phone & the solar payment policy. Oil companies know their days are numbered. Remember, the shift from pay phones to cell phones took only 10 years. By 2022 there will be thousands of these 100% solar powered towns. As these decentralized solar powered towns spread, and the flow of their money goes to solar, all coal mining will cease.

That is why Big Oil has decided to hunker down in the US & make sure decentralized roof top solar never gets a toe-hold in the US. Oil has created ALEC & Community Choice Aggregation ( CCA ) to block decentralized roof top solar. CCA is centralized solar farms controlled by big oil corporations.

Hermann Scheer wrote the book "Energy Imperative" predicting how decentralized solar homes would wipe out oil companies. This will see the rise of solar farmers & the working class being in control of the new solar energy systems. At the same time home construction companies ( KB ) will be building solar homes for electric cars that generate twice as much solar energy as they need. So homes too will now be selling surplus onto the grid. This is how this new insurgency will be funded from the grass roots up.

In Bangladesh off-grid solar has grown leaps and bounds, installing 40,000 solar home systems every month for a total of one million solar homes. Millions of poor people are grabbing onto solar and leap-frogging into the 21st century.
Solar Justice,

Sun. 9/21/14, 2940 16th & Mission, SF, Round Table on solar.

In case you haven't noticed, the world is run by psychopaths. If you have any clue about reality, you know that if you want to know what is really going on, you follow the money. If you follow the money, it inevitably leads you the giant Ponzi scheme called "central banking". The "central bank" that took over the USA in 1903 is laughingly called the "Federal Reserve" - which is neither Federal nor holds any "reserves". Oh, I know what you're thinking - the Fed has massive gold reserves! Really? Ask Germany about the gold held in the Fed.
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