Solar cooker SOLARIO SAFE designed for developing countries by FOCALIS

Today, almost half of humanity is using firewood to cook. But due deforestation and desertification, 500 million people are struggling to gather firewood to cook.

In response to this problem, our company FOCALIS has designed and patented a high efficient solar cooking device, SOLARIO SAFE ! It exceeds 1,000 ° C.

The innovation of SOLARIO SAFE is the accuracy of the control system. This control system allows constant acess to the cooking space and reaches 1200 W, making SOLARIO SAFE, the first solar cooker to have the same performance as fire or gas without any CO2 emissions.

The SOLARIO SAFE can cook all the dishes you want. It uses free, clean and inexhaustible energy, which is available throughout the year, from morning to night.
The SOLARIO SAFE saves valuable time for women as they walk up to 15 km several times a week, to collect wood.

Thanks to its smokless cooking SOLARIO SAFE does not emit any harmful smoke, which causes millions of deaths annually.

It allows to preserve the planet and protect against deforestation and desertification

Buying a SOLARIO SAFE, will not increase the household budget, as it can be repaid by the time and money saved on wood.

Faced with this overwhelming need, we want to provide an effective solution to the consequences of deforestation and desertification. We created an industrial project, with modern manufacturing processes, to achieve the most affordable cost.

Our ultimate goal is to manufacture SOLARIO SAFE locally, create jobs and factories in developing countries.

Have a sunny time,
  • Henry Kalolo

    This may be what I have been looking for.