Solar Death Ray 10,000 suns 48" DIY Giant Archimedes Parabolic Mirror Reflector

This solar ray of Archimedes styled death is how he would have use dthe power of the sun for solar thermal applications Low cost solar cooker. Homemade DIY solar parabolic death ray mirror for solar cooking. This is similar to the parabolic heat cooker I made a few years ago.
This construction is much easier and the thinner mylar allows for a much more accurate image of the sun producing amazing bulk temperatures. A stand and Heliostat is optional. I can cook off axis with for or five manual adjustments during a cooking cycle. The longer focal length allows for arrays of up to 25 mirrors at 30 feet.

Solar death rays are a term used for parabolic shapes that can redirect sunlight over a longer distance allowing for target illumination. Solar parabolic hacks from mylar blankets are an excellent low cost option for solar parabolic power.
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