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The 20 April 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, in which 11 people died, led to an oil spill that contaminated a vast area of United States marine environment and continues to have a serious impact on wildlife, the local fishing industry, and regional tourism. The catastrophe has severely depressed BP's stock price as well as its reputation and led to speculation about consequences such as a takeover of the company. Attempts at capping the leak and containing the slick are ongoing. Capture of new oil flows is approaching completion, while estimates of the well being permanently shut down are for sometime between August and October of 2010. Cleanup along the marshes and coasts is expected to take much longer.

"Transparency is not only in the public interest, it is part of the scientific process. We want to make sure that independent scientists, engineers and other experts have every opportunity to review this information and make their own conclusions." -Secretary Chu

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Global Warming... Peak Oil... The World is being forced to turn to renewable energies to supply a cleaner, more sustainable future for our World. At Clear Skies Solar we believe that Solar Energy Is the Future!

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