Solar Driven 5 Ton Chiller

Here is an overview of the Multiaqua Chiller installed on my house. It is capable of cooling my house with 5 tons while running completely off of solar.

• House can reclaim heat from its cooling cycle to provide
hot water for the kitchen, bathrooms, pool or hot tub
without using any additional energy to heat the water.
• Eliminates heat waste and greatly reduces energy usage
by avoiding gas or electric use to heat water.
• Allows for use of solar power instead of grid power during
peak or all the time. Home can be 100% comfort
conditioned 24/7 using solar power.
• Doubles solar panel effectiveness by reclaiming and
redirecting heat that is normally wasted and exhausted
to the environment.
• Every watt of power used in heating or cooling is converted
to between 3 and 7.9 watts of heating and/or cooling. This
is called a ‘Coefficient of Performance’.
Multiaqua Heat Recovery Chiller with the Copeland Scroll™
variable speed compressor and motor control drive.
In the United States, the average energy expenditure per
person is $3,052 annually. Heating and cooling account
for about 48% of all energy consumption per household,
making chillers and air conditioners the best targets for
energy savings.
Rather than paying to reject heat generated by cooling,
homeowners can recover heat to use in their homes.
Recovered heat reduces purchased heat (and cost) and
also reduces the ancillary power necessary to reject the
heat, while providing heated water to support showers,
water from faucets, washing machines, pool heating, and
other areas in the house where heated water is required.

The Multiaqua Heat Recovery Chiller (MHRC) technology is
unique because it has the ability to reclaim/recover 100% of
the heat which would otherwise be rejected and wasted into
the atmosphere. This makes the Multiaqua Heat Recovery
chiller twice as effective as other systems. It can move
heat from multiple sources, either from air or water, and
simultaneously distribute that heat wherever it is required.
The Multiaqua Heat Recovery chiller encompasses low LRA
(Locked Rotor Amps), which allows solar energy to start
and operate the unit. This refrigerant management system
contains a Copeland Scroll Variable Speed compressor
and electronic inverter for compressor control, as well as a
proprietary refrigerant control system to direct refrigerant
movement seamlessly where it is needed without compressor
shutdown. Copeland Scroll variable speed technology
is used in this chiller because of its flexible design, which is
ideal for unique applications. The variable speed technology
also has a slow ramp up, allowing for slow power demand on
the inverter. The chiller delivers a coefficient of performance
(COP) from 3 to 7.93.
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