Solar Energy - Off-Grid Solar Power/Electric/Photovoltaics Tour/Details with Backup Generator

This is a tour with details of an off-grid solar power installation I worked on a few years ago. I go over a system diagram, show the system itself, and then talk about the safety features including breakers/fuses, lightning arresters, and bonding equipment to ground.

This system includes 2100watts of solar panels, a 10kW diesel generator, two Outback FM-80 charge controllers, two Outback inverters, an Outback Mate, a Xantrex TMA-500 battery status monitor, and 6 4volt, 1104amphour Surrette/Rolls lead acid deep cycle batteries.

For another installation I recorded by Ottawa Solar Power using a lot of the same hardware, see this video "Off-Grid Solar Installing - Day in the Life":

Thanks to Ottawa Solar Power ( for allowing me to use this installation in this off-grid solar power video.

For more on solar power, see:

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