Solar Firewood Dryer/Kiln Project- Part 1

The plan was to enclose the firewood inside a tent made from heavy-duty plastic. With the sun beating down on the enclosure, I was hoping the inside would heat up like a greenhouse and dry out the firewood faster.
Most of the firewood has been stacked under kitchen deck stairs. It's a good spot, gets good afternoon sun and it protected from the occasional west coast rain squalls. I wanted the structure to be lightweight and temporary. I had to be easily screwed into the stairs and deck. The roof and walls will be covered by 6 mil vapour barrier plastic. The budget for this project was $50. Most of the wood could be repurposed from other projects. If the canopy does it's job, I would use it as a prototype for our off-grid property in the mountains.
Music credit: Kicked Up Pumps, by Audionautix. YouTube Audio library
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