Solar Generator, DIY Portable Power Station - Easy to Setup & Powerful - Off Grid Leak Project

Leak Project is producing shows with Solar Power off the Grid.

Video shows how to setup a Solar Generator or Power Station with smooth enough energy to produce quality content and still power appliances.

Building for a Country Wide Tour and we will be able to conduct shows live on site in remote locations!

1.Chicago Electric Power Systems 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit $230
2.Xantrex Pure Sine Wave Inverter PROwatt SW 1000 $240 Amazon
3.Duracel Plus 230 Amp Hour Golf Batteries *2 $220 Batteries & Bulbs
4.2x4 $5 Lowes
5.12x48 $10 Lowes
6.L Shape Fasteners and Screws $4 Lowes
7.30V Solar Controller (On Way) $40 Amazon
8.Wire & Connectors $50 Amazon
9.Husky 50 Gallon Portable Work Station $70 Home Depot
=$870 / Not Free Energy and it will pay for itself. Solar is abundant.

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