Solar Hot Water? 7 Reasons To Use A Solar Heat Pump!

Quality solar system from $6 a day! 1300 309 139!

Here's 7 reasons why solar hot water should be on your to do list! Find out why so many people are converting to a Solar Heat Pump to keep their water hot!

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Hot water usage is a big component of most household electricity bills. The right unit can make the difference between thousands of dollars in savings over time and provide hot water on demand when you need it.

Just like a solar system however, not all solar hot water units are created equal. Using a quality solar heat pump can be cheaper than traditional solar hot water or even LPG gas. The key is to buy the right solar heat pump.

You may be surprised to learn the best solar heat pump on the market doesn't have a back up booster element. Why? Simply because it doesn't need it!

At Solar Coach we recommend a Quantum Solar Heat Pump. With the lowest running costs and recovery rates of any unit on the market (including gas hot water units) you'll actually reduce the 'real cost' of your power bill!

Plus our units can operate at peak efficiency in -10C and with their unique tank design have no problems with with warm coastal climates either!

Watch the video for 7 reasons why a solar heat pump may be right for your home or talk to a Solar Coach about the numbers and find out what you can save today!

Quality solar system from $6 a day! 1300 309 139!
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